Our Story

The brain child of session hair stylist and make up artist Neil Gogoi,

evri SHOP
is an eco-responsible store, here to provide "evri" ONE the best products that are not only eco-responsible and luxurious but have the performance to match.


Recognised for his extraordinary talent and infectious personality, Neil has built up an impressive portfolio as a session stylist and make up artist working on a variety of editorial, advertising and media projects that have seen his career expand across Europe to the USA over the last two decades.

In 2018 he opened his first salon "evri ONE" in the Costwolds town of Woodstock, on the doorstep of Blenheim Palace. With his wealth of experience travelling internationally working with various brands and fellow artists, he became particularly interested in products entering the market with eco credentials. After more investigation and working with a variety of products he shared this knowledge with those around him. Specifically starting with the products curated for use within the salon and for clients to take home, evri SHOP was created to give "evri"one the tools
 look and feel fantastic.


Should you like to get in touch call us on 01993 811217 Tuesday - Saturday 9am - 6pm or you can email reception@evri.one 

Hair Salon & Make Up Boutique

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